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Monk Walk
This years Pennsic war was alot of fun. Ise and I traveled light, ate in the food court, partied with good friends till early morning, went to classes, shopped and did some SCA fighting. Treated it like a vacation rather than a war with responsibilities and must do's. After you check out this page don't miss the Monk Walk Page here 
We kinda lived in Valdamar and Contstantia's camp this war. Here are some photos from in and around camp. 
Brach and Ruth are good friends from our very first Pennsic some 17 or so years ago.

Left- Brach the magic badger teaching smithing.  Right- is Ruth in their booth.

This fountain was assembled in the Midrealm royal camp this year. Really nice work.
Hat which Ise made me for my birthday at war.
Kite flown by our neighbor.  
Olga proudly displays her new toy she made.
This is a pouch Ise and Saito made. The pouch has closers made from beads, large coins, and a wood dowl with Saito's device carved in it.
If your a fighter I recommend thanking the people who support you fighting.

Every year at most wars I try to have a large number of some form of gift I hand assembled to give to water bearers, soup kitchen staff and kids doing cool stuff. This year I had 3 different kinds of token. But they all looked similar to the one shown.

This is my small way of saying Thank you to the water bearers. Cause without them I would have died on the field of heat exhaustion since I am too stupid to think of bringing water or stopping to drink it. 

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