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We have been a part of the Crewe of Frenzied Relaxation 2 years now.  This year(2004) the float was built at our barn.  The theme of the parade this year was Celebrate St. Louis and the theme our crewe picked was Spirit of St. Louis.

In the Saturday parade I think we were one of the top 10 floats out of 100 this year(my opinion). We at least according the judges were in top 25 since we got chosen to be in the additional Tues night parade which only picks the top 25 out of 100 for the Tues night parade.

Anyway below are photos from Mardi Gras dog parade, Saturday Grand Parade and Building of our float in 2003 for 2004 parade.

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The following pictures are the Float being built in our barn. Todd was the main designer, and a number of our friends worked alot of hours to make this float come together. build1.JPG (62013 bytes) build2.JPG (21552 bytes)
planeb.JPG (17235 bytes) Though Todd was the main designer and lots of people built the entire float, Andy and Todd did almost all the Plane building themselves and it came out great.  Here are some of the stages it went through. planec.JPG (63821 bytes)
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SATURDAY GRAND PARADE DAY- Had to assemble some of the float at the staging area here are some photos of the assembly. parad.JPG (62011 bytes) parad3.JPG (62770 bytes)
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Tons of cheering people sister is in this picture and crowd.

Krewe of Barcus Dog Parade

The dog parade was the week before grande parade. Tons of dogs.....lots of fun and a donation to a local shelter.  What more could you ask for.....Oh..and a chance to dress up your dog as a bunny rabbit and a bee to embarrass them.

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