Saito's Dojo


New Equestrian projects in 2013

Below is our new portable rings and reeds stands.  Designed to break down flat and weigh as little as possible for transport. 
Using magnets and washers to fight the wind issues. 

Portable reed stand    Portable reed stand Portable reed stand 
portable ring stand  portable ring stand  portable ring stand  portable ring stand


Below is a mounted combat mask for our mule we made from dished perf plate and leather.  
headgear for horse 

Below is the piece we designed for mounted combat to hold your sword and gauntlets. They attach to the saddle 
 sword and guantlet holders for mounted
 Below are a bunch of  foam lance handles I turned down from posts or rods.

Post before and after.  This one was made with a grinder   foam lance handles turned down from
                            posts   lance handle 

 Same kind of post to start but I used a wood lathe to turn this one down.  Much smoother   lance  lance

I found a store that had 2 inch dowls so I turned down  couple of these as a  test.  Light and simple.    lance handle