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Caparisons made by Ise
Here are examples of some of the many Caparisons Ise has made


Calon cross

Ise made this Calon barding for our mule Willy

Ise's Falcon barding for our mule Button's

Ise riding Kate in her Calontir barding and matching clothes

Falcon tabard Ise made to match her mule barding



Matching jester clothes and mule jester caparison by Ise. Calontir breastcollar and Calontir Fyrd/Huscarl Chamfron by Sato. 

Arabic half sheet
Arabic half sheet by ArIse

For the William the Marshal event Ise completed 9 Lazurus tabards and 4 Lazarus horse Caparisons.

hlaf bard Laz

Example of one of the half sheets caparison

Sethrin on Molly with Green Lazaraus and crosses  breastcollar and chamfron with Fyrd device by Sato and falcon rear skirt by Ise 

B3rBarony of Three Rivers caparison by Ise Bsr3

Above Full Laz with head over caparison.  Below half full laz

 full laz

Grimfells barding

This was a caparison Ise made for the Grimfells A&S competition of DemoBison in any medium

falcon half skirt

Falcon half skirt
red barding

On left above is an example of the red caparison Ise made for Kate. She has red, black,green and white versions of that model. full green

The green version full cover -above


Saito's device in a caparison



Kingdom A&S entry




Ise completed a new jester hood for my Otas rig.  At the same time I completed a new chain to replace the one seen below. A new belt with brass diamonds and brass Calontir crosses on it. And matching new blue gloves.