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For Ise's(Kris's) birthday I was assisted by our good friends Dave, Lynn, Andy, and  Shawn in making a Koi Pond as a surprise for Kris as she returned from a shopping trip to Chicago.  It took us 2 days to complete the pond but most of the work was done in day 1.  Dave Mallory's expertise in this field was invaluable. All the plants and the 1st 3 fish were donated by Lynn.  The pond has since had 25 more Koi added to it as another present to Kris from me.  Below are some photos of the pond. I will add some of the construction photos after I get them scanned.  If you are thinking about making a Koi pond I highly recommend it.  The fish are alot of fun to feed and the sound of the waterfall and the beautiful plants are very relaxing and require little upkeep for the amount of enjoyment you get from it. 

Dave Mallory who is a freind of ours has his own bussiness now called XTRAHAND. He does water garden maintence, repair, and installation.  If you want a new pond installed or need help with your current pond I dont think you can find anyone who does a better job or has more reasonable prices.  He can be reached at

Full View of pond Up close with new plants added and fish swarming to be fed

Update June 2002- Kris has really improved the pond alot since the above 2  photos you will see alot changes. New plants and the fish have grown alot. (click on the links below to see each of the photos)
The koi fish More Koi
The waterfall The plants
Pond and Lantern

Blooming  water lilly

Pond in full greener Close up
The bamboo fence The bamboo fence and more
Update 2003- Here is a photo from summer 2003  of the pond Pond 2003

2004 - Pond is not getting the attention it deserves but I think its still pretty.