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Talent show 2005
Ride with Austin and Andrew
Old Photo Vault
Mom's  Birthday 06

Thanksgiving 2007

2007 Sept

I recently found a box of really old photos. I plan to scan them in as time permits. Here are a couple to start off with.

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Marianne and Kevins's Wedding

Marianne and Kevin's Reception


Thanksgiving photos 2006 click here


New / Old family photos I have copies of -click here

Ride with Austin and Andrew

Austin in Talent show

Oct Family Barbeque at our house click here

Thanksgiving 2004
Christmas 2004
Our Christmas card


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GRAMROG.jpg (28293 bytes) MOMWAY.jpg (7391 bytes)
BOYS.jpg (13901 bytes)  
2002 Photos

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I have had alot of people asking why I haven't put up more 2002 or even more older photos.  Well if you want more photos shared out to the family send them to me. Either loan them to me so I can scan them, or email me copies or even mail me copies. Well anyway here are a few. (click on thumbnails to see larger versions)
FMYARD.jpg (29929 bytes) GRAMMAX.jpg (19179 bytes)
MARBOYS.jpg (17074 bytes)  


XMAS 2000 Pictures Click here!!!!


Kim and Chris wedding---If you want a higher resolution version of these files for printing email Dave.

Click on thumb nail images or text to see the larger version of the below pictures.
TCHURCH1.jpg (10164 bytes) The family
TWEDPAR~.jpg (8731 bytes) The Wedding reception
TCOLLAGE.jpg (12662 bytes) A collage of images from the wedding