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Helped form a WWII Scenario paintball TANK TEAM called BLUE MAXINE.  Click here to go to its website


  Well I am back to playing paintball. I thought I had escaped it clutches 10 years ago when I stopped playing on the team the Shadowhawks. But the game has sucked me back in. 




HERE IS MY NEW SWAT OUTFIT AND GUN. Outfit includes new throat mic and ear piece and push to talk remote on finger.

You gonna bark all day little doggie or you gonna bite?

Many of these photos are courtesy of Shawn and Ted. Thanks guys.

Click on the description to see the image.

The fort with some of the players The fort (covered in paint after a fight)
Fort under siege The guys getting ready for another round
Combat 1 Combat 2
Combat 3 Combat 4
Combat 5
New May 2nd 2004

1st game of the year.  We have added new forts, new bunkers, Paint trip mines, and a 3 man Tank. Tank still needs some work to roll better and I didn't finish painting on the treads.  But the tank with its open and closeable gun ports turned out to be lots of fun to assault with or against.

The tank after being attacked by 8 players against 3 inside.
Sept 2004

Here is a photo of my current gun.

Tippman A5 with response trigger, Ops gear stock and life like ammo clip, Flatline barrel, M203 grenade launcher(made by me).