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Sato began making Japanese kites as a hobby in the SCA a few years ago.  Here are some pictures of the kites I made as Christmas presents for the outpost and the Kuji family.

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TKITESFL.jpg (2104 bytes)

The outpost Christmas paper/bamboo kites flying at Lilies war.  Ok so many of them didn't fly(and some of them were destroyed in the heavy wind) but they were my first kites and even if they flew bad they looked cool.

TKITESXM.jpg (3610 bytes)

The outpost XMAS party and close-ups of the paper/bamboo kites I gave them. Since most of them did not have Japanese personas I made them traditional Japanese shaped kites but I decorated them with their device or something I thought went with their persona.

Tkites8.jpg (9348 bytes)

Left side-More of the kites I gave the outpost. Right side-Kites I made for my friends and family in the Kuji household in Chicago. Since they tend to have Japanese kites I made them more traditional images on their kites.

TKITESHU.jpg (3016 bytes)

This kite is the largest kite I have ever made. It was made of nylon canvas and bamboo. It has the Huscarl of Calontir device on it. Pictures here are of us test flying it with Ted as my helper.   The kite was flown over the Pennsic battle field as Calontir marched onto the field the year I made it. There exists a much better picture of it flying over pennisc battle field that I am still trying to find which a kind friend gave me.