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Well as you might have already guessed we really love our three dogs.

Ossa(the white great pyreness), Naruto and Freckles the BlueHeeler pups. 

 Miko(The black great dane) has passed away March 5th 2010. She was almost 12 years old. She was the best dog I have ever known and a piece of our hearts went with her.  a

We adopted Miko and Ossa both in 2001 within about a week of each other.  They are great dogs. I highly recommend if you want a dog that you go to Pet's mart type stores on the weekends and talk with a couple of the many pet rescue Adoption centers that are usually their almost every weekend. If you look around for a bit you will find the type of dog you want at one of the many rescue centers.  I recommend you adopt one.  They are a great addition to your life.

If interested in a Great dane here is a local shelter

or check out   Great web lets you search for breeds in shelters by zipcode.


Here are some photos of our dogs. Click on the thumbnail to see them enlarged.


Krewe of Barcus Dog Parade 2004

The dog parade was the week before grande parade. Tons of dogs.....lots of fun and a donation to a local shelter.  What more could you ask for.....Oh..and a chance to dress up your dog as a bunny rabbit and a bee to embarrass them.

DOGPAR.jpg (55429 bytes)
BDAY.jpg (38588 bytes) The dogs wish Kris a happy birthday.
EASTER.jpg (17441 bytes) EASTER1.jpg (16588 bytes)
Click here to see step one of how dogs steal the couch-the crowding the monkey technique Click here to see step two of how dogs take over the the couch- The suffocation technique
  bigdog.jpg (52702 bytes)
CATS.jpg (51847 bytes) The dane for some reason is entranced by the kittens, she follows them around and stares at them for hours at a time. (no she hasn't eaten one yet...not that we know of anyway)
Osa the angel. For the Mardi gras parade.
Miko went as a devil. Click to enlarge and see how good her devil costume was.
Santa dog.
camping pups waiting for the fun part of camping.  they are still waiting.
2004 - 

We have adopted a beagle by the name of Roxie.  She was on her way to be destroyed and I originally took her home with the intention of finding her a home or shelter to take her. Well she is cute as can be and where Miko and Ossa wont play much with each other they both play with Roxie. She gets them each at least 20 mins a day of hard exercise each by harassing them till they play with her. She has proved to be a very loving dog with one real problem......She chews up anything and everything left on the floor.  Guess we will have to learn to be less sloppy with our stuff till we break her of that.

She has decided that sleeping and sitting on my computer tray is the place to be.

Excuse me....but I was the baby before this little monster came to live here.  Sigh...............

Roxie passed away.  While still grieving we adopted two pups. A 1 year old Rat terrier beagle mix which reminded me of Roxie some. And a Blue heeler/Austrian shepherd mix pup weeks old.




 Miko - 2008

Freckles and Ramsey playing with Freckles brother Tag

Ramsey has a new home. Kris's Brother Karl and his wife Rachel fell in love with him and took him into thier home in Texas. He is doing well there.