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2003 Photo's

Estrella War 

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Estrell.jpg (82019 bytes) Saito and Thaddeus in the field res battle.

Left Saito eats a spear.

ESTRELb.jpg (83721 bytes)
Pennsic 2003

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MONKSTAF.jpg (39245 bytes) This year at Pennsic I tried my hand at recreating a Japanese Monk. Thaddeus made me a awesome Shokujo Yari(monk staff with spear inside) and Ise sewed me 5 pieces of garb by hand at site(from memory) so I could have a second set of really nice monk clothes.  Thanks you two!!! You made the monk thing fun and made me look cool.  I shaved my head to finish the effect.  Thanks to Mokurai for his classes and web page that helped inspire me to do a monk persona after considering it for many years. If interested in monk stuff check out Mokura's web page here.  MONKSTAG.jpg (38574 bytes)
hood.JPG (63029 bytes) WHITMONK.jpg (30031 bytes) SATOISE.jpg (31194 bytes)
SATARMOR.jpg (79535 bytes)    
Went to Kuji's camp and he, another monk and myself went on a pennsic Monk walk about. We went around the camps and merchant area blessing camps and singing sutra's.  Really fun good "Stick"(comedy). We hope to do this again next year with even more monks since a few we know could not attend this year. TENGU.jpg (86625 bytes) TEAHOUSE.jpg (87103 bytes)
3MONKS.jpg (100104 bytes) 3MONKB.jpg (78926 bytes)
satkuji2.JPG (62166 bytes) satkuji.JPG (57430 bytes)

Lothos(spelling??) is a lord the Outpost  met and camped with at Lilies. He was at Pennsic this year. For some reason I cannot imagine he let some of his fellow Calontir draw on him with Sharpie markers. His back art work had to be Scrubbed off due to its vulgar and pornographic prison type graffiti. We thought the other Outpost members would want to see this.   ; )

MARKER.jpg (43266 bytes)

Calontir has taken to stacking Scutums as high as possible at other wars. This war they stacked Weapons in a impressive pyramid. PYRAMID.jpg (24645 bytes)