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2001 SCA Photo's
2002 SCA Photo's
2003 SCA Photo's
2004 SCA photo's
2005 SCA Photo's
Pirate party 2003
Toys for Tots 2005
2006 Lillies

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The Scottish outpost is a Household of friends in the SCA who are all loyal members of Calontir but who also almost all happen to live on the border of Calontir and the Midrealm. With most of us living more on the Midrealm side, even though we are Calontir 100%.  Because of this we consider ourselves an Outpost of Calontir.

This group was formed by friends who had common interests in the SCA. The chief of which is to have Fun. The House motto is When it ceases to be fun it ceases to be.

This page is not an official web page for the Scottish Outpost or the SCA but a place to see our favorite pictures.

Warning!!! Some of these pages below may load slowly.

2001 Photos
2002 Photos
2003 Photos
2004 Photos
2005 Photos
Pirate party!!!

2006 Photos

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2008 Photos

2009 Photos


Anyone who has a photo of  outpost or SCA stuff that you think should be here send it to me.