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SEPT 2005 Update


Well its Sept of 2005 and our lives have changed dramatically in the last couple of months.  

All for the better!!

I  sold my mule Claire. This was a hard decision for me but  it turned out to be for the best. Since selling her I have bought 3 more mules  all of which are good safe animals.  



Below are some photos of Kris and I with our new mules and Kris's horse!!

Mules = Molly 28 year old mare mule

Star = 15 year old gelding mule

Kate = 12 year old mare mule

Horse = Penny 8 year old horse

Click the photos to enlarge them.

 Kris, Dave, Marianne, Austin, Andrew, Larry and Corey go riding at Pere Marquette stables

Kris riding Penny

Dave riding Molly

Dave riding Kate at Pere Marquette park

Our new truck and 4 horse trailer/camper. Hauls 4 horses and sleeps 4. Has Ac and tack room.  Now if I can only learn to back it up safely since it s 22ft long. 

Penny, Kate and Star hanging out in pasture.

Dave and Star crossing a wooden bridge at Forbes state park.  

Dave and Star stop for a drink from a creek at Forbes state park on a 100 plus degree day.

Kris standing with Star and Molly at Pere Marquette park in IL
Sept 16th - Kris, Star, Kate and I attend the 20th Annual Clark County Mule Festival in Missouri. This weekend long event hand a couple of hundred mules, lots of cool events and trail rides, 1000's of people, lots of vendors and a ton of fun.   We will be going next year.  Click on the photos below to enlarge them. 
Wagon pulled by 2 HUGE draft mules. This fellow was from Iowa and was camped right next to us. He was a really nice guy and his mules were gentle funny giants.
Kris tries a new bridle we bought at the vendors on Kate.
Lots of cool wagons.

I made a broom with a lanyard, trained my mule to not fear the ball and broom and then I didn't get to play.  : (  

Next year I will be waiting for sign up to start.  Signup closed 5 mins before they had announced sign up would start. This looked like so much fun I may try to run some versions of it myself in this area.  The concept is a giant beach ball, brooms for polo sticks and barrels for the goals.  Was still funny to watch even though I didn't get to play. They had alot of fun events on Sat including things like musical chairs with mules.  This event is worth going to even if you bring no animals. 1000's attended to see the funny stuff rodeo and real rodeo.  And if your not camping its only $2.00 to get in. 

Star tied to our camper/trailer.  This was how they slept at night...well the first night they stayed up all night kicking the trailer and yelling at other mules which meant I got no sleep.  The second night we had ridden them so hard during the day they went right to sleep and stayed quiet all night.
Wagon 1 camp over from us.

We are now beginning to take our 4 safe animals and 2 friends at a time to parks in the area to explore and enjoy.  We just returned from Giant City State Park .  This park  had some of the most beautiful rock formations we had ever seen. Also along the trail is a fun and scenic spot where an incredibly large and long rock has split in two and created a narrow chasm that can be ridden through.  Took a little coaxing but we rode through it. Having rock that close on both sides and that high above us all at once was a neat experience while riding.  

Dave riding through the split rock cliff.
Left-Shawn and Michelle preparing to ride at Giant city.  Right- Kris and Michelle at a neat rock area we stopped at.
We ran into some friends on the trail who pointed out to us a side trail we would have never seen that lead us to a ride into cave type formation off the marked trail.
Todd goes riding with us at Pere Marquette park.

We went back to Giant City State Park!!!

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