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Why mules are better than Horses
Mules in History
Mule kills a Mountain lion
Here are some Mule facts gathered from Books and Various web pages


Why are Mules Better than Horses?

(Or Why do you ride a mule?)

Mules in History
Mule Kills a Mountain Lion defending his rider
Sam Loyd's Trick Mules

Sam Loyd's "Trick Mules" is one of the most elegant puzzles ever invented, and if you've never seen it before, I urge you to give it a shot. Click on the image to the left, print out the page, and cut the figure into three parts along the solid lines. Now, position the strip onto the other two pieces so that it looks like each jockey is riding a mule. Folding is not allowed. If you cant figure it out click here for the answer (but try it first).  

This puzzle was created by one of America's greatest puzzlists, Sam Lloyd (1844 -1911). Loyd sold his puzzle to P. T. Barnum, who marketed it as "P. T. Barnum's Trick Mules." It was printed on a card to be cut into the three pieces. Millions of the cards were sold, and supposedly Loyd earned a fortune -- $10.000 -- in just a few weeks.