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Mule Superstitions

(Data from the book “Wonders of Mules”  and various web sources)

Mules are credited with good and bad luck depending on the culture. 

Finding a mule shoe in Early Southern US warns of 16 years of bad luck. Early Californian’s felt picking  up a mule shoe meant good luck.  

White mules were supposed to be magical and slaying a white mule would result in the haunting of the slayer  

Kissing ones right hand when seeing a white mule will mean you will find treasure or wealth.  

Also it was believed you will marry the next person you see after seeing your 100th white mule  

Wishing on a gray mule is profitable if you immediately stick your right thumb in your mouth and stamp your left hand.  

Other superstition says wish on a passing gray mule and it will come true if you don’t look back at the mule after it passes.  

In Iran Ghouls are said to possess mules and blue beads are hung from the saddles to protect the animals.  


Common speech effected by mules  

            Strong as a mule (Compliment)

            Tough as a mule (Compliment)

             Bone headed as a mule (Not Compliment)

            Obstinate as a mule (Not Compliment)

            Brays like a mule (Not Compliment)

Proverbs involving mules

            Moroccan - None but a mule denies his family

            Greek – He who is adventurous loses both horse and mule

            Germans taunt those who put on airs with "Mules brag their ancestors were horses"

Irish saying – There are three things that cant be ruled- a mule, a pig and a woman



Mules in religion

            Selene the Greek Moon goddess supposedly rode a mule across the heavens

            Roman goddess Epona was the patroness goddess of mules and all things associated with mules.  

In the Bible - Mules are ridden by many of the kings in the bible including King David. Many references to mules being given as gifts with Gold and Silver. Plus Jesus rode the colt of a Donkey which since a donkey and horse make a mule was likely a mule.

Indians of Guatemala have a Nativity legend that when the baby began to turn blue the herdsman drove their animals into the barn to keep Jesus warm and the cow, ox, horse, and goat all breathed warm breath on the baby to revive him but the mule snorted in his face and was cursed to carry heavy burdens his whole life.

 In Azores they believe the mule cant reproduce because it pulled straw from the baby Jesus' manger and ate it.