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Shawnee - Bear branch camp ground
Aug 14th
Rides with friends
Mule Festival 2006

2006 Updates

Thanksgiving weekend riding click here

November - Mule ride at Shawnee (Garden of the Gods location)

Click here for 

2006 Mule Meet Greet BBQ Ride

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Aug 14th Update


Click here for Photos.


Update Giant city and mules born

Click here to see our trip last month to Giant city and Photos of our neighbors baby mules


Aug 7th 2006 update

Kristine and I took a trip to Shawnee national forest to mule ride and camp. Click Here to see the photos.

July 24th 2006 Update

Cowboy Trail ride weekend

Well the Austin, Andrew and I were supposed to go to Cowboy Heritage trail ride weekend in Kentucky. A weekend of dressing like wild west cowboys, trail rides, campfire meals and cowboy music. With prizes for best old west cowboy costumes. Due to a storms at home that knocked out power to 500,000 people I had to work that weekend ruining our trip.  Well we worked hard on our costumes so rather than let them go to waste we went on a trail ride in our costumes locally on Sunday.  

Deputy Austin and Deputy Andrew Deputy Kris and her trusty tree eating mule Deputy Austin Sherriff Dave and Deputy Andrew
Posse with their mules Posse mounted  
July 10th 2006 Update

We went to camp and trail ride at Ramsey State park with my nephews Austin and Andrew. We met a very nice Mule man named Jay.  He convinced  us to attend and compete in a nearby Fun show rodeo sponsored by the Ramsey Saddle Club.

Kris, Austin, Andrew and I all competed in Grande Parade, Pleasure riding, Pole Bending, Barrel racing, and Stop In the box. Austin and Andrew also competed in cowboy dress up, boot race and Goat tail pull.  Kris placed 5th in pole bending race, Austin won the cowboy dress up race and Andrew came in second in the Goat tail pull.  Austin and Andrew both took home ribbons. 

Sorry many of the photos didn't come out. Taking pictures from horseback at night while participating in a show was not easy. These are the best ones below.

Andrew Barrel race Andrew pole bending Andrew stop in box
Austin barrel race Austin barrel race2 Austin barrel race
Austin barrel race4 Austin barrelrace5 Austin polebending
Austin polebending1 Austin polebending2 Cowboy dressup race
Cowboydressup2 Dave pole bending Dave stopinbox
Dave polebending2 Dave polebending3 Dave stopinbox1
Grandparade Jay Jay2
Junior pleasure Junior pleasure Junior pleasure2
Junior pleasure3 Junior pleasure4 Junior pleasure5
Junior pleasure6 Junior pleasure7 Kris barrelrace
Kris stopinbox Kris stopinbox2 Lake
Mulecuddle Ramseytrail Ride
Show Show2 Staging area
Workinhard Muleplay1 Muleplay2
muleplay3 muleplay4 muleplay5
Muleplay6 muleplay7 muleplay8
muleplay9 muleplay10 muleplay11
muleplay12 muleplay13 muleplay14
Rides with Friends