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daruma.gif (4059 bytes)Books I have read(not memorized) that I have found useful.daruma.gif (4059 bytes)

The Book of 5 Rings by Minimoto Mushashi. I have read this book many times.  I try to learn something new each time and add it to my knowledge of the way. Even if it is just some new read thing to try during my practices. I don't agree with everything he teaches but that is the part of the Way(in my opinion).  Take and study the teachings and techniques of anyone you can find. Study it carefully and if it works for you then add it to your "Way". If it does not work for you, do not use it but remember it so you can either counter it or teach it to someone that technique does work for. Some things will work for you and maybe not for others and vise versa.  This is can be due to mind set,  body mechanics, weight, strength and ability differences.  Not a reflection of skill in many cases if you cant make a specialty of someone else's work for you. it might be due to the above differences between you and them. 

The Code of the Samurai by A.L Sandler  This is a very small in size book, but is very good reading.

Fighting to Win -by David J Rogers - This out of print hard to find book is actually exciting to read--it gets you energized. Rogers outlines a number of (Samurai) techniques that he uses to be effective in a business environment. It sounds corny but these techniques are easy to apply and work quite well in anything you do including SCA.  In my opinion it works well because the book is well-written, interesting and unique. He refers to period quotes and stories the whole time. plus he covers a section on KI(QI) breathing which I found really useful to build energy and focus while fighting and in daily life. 

The Healing promise of QI by Roger Jahnke - Was inspired to read this by the Fighting to Win book and my own small success with KI breathing and having had good luck with a chiropractor who healed some long time injuries using acupuncture and reiki which are all Ki based.  This book is a bit wordy but is a good book to get you started on Tai Chi if your interested in building up KI levels. 

Japanese Arms and Armor by Crown Publishing hard to find but very good book on armor.

The Art of War The Works of Sun Tzu:   A famous book of study.   I hate to say this but I got very little form this book. But I attribute that to the fact that the copy I have was badly translated. I am looking for a better translated version.

Musahsi(fiction) Eiji Yoshikawa  Yes it is fiction but its fiction based on historical events and very motivating and fun reading if you are at all interested in Musashi.

Samurai Warrior by David Miller

Samurai the story of Warrior Tradition by Harry Cook

Arms &Armor of the Samurai by I. Bottomley & A.P. Hopson

The Unfettered Mind by Takuan Soho This book was written by a monk of great renown and a friend to Mushashi.  Very deep and sometimes hard for me to understand in some cases but the further I got into this book the more I liked it and its ideals  and understanding for me at least came the further I read.

The Code of the Samurai by A. L. Sadler Very small great book with a good look at what period samurai were like and what a feudal lord of the times thought the ideal samurai should do and how to act in a wide range of circumstances of daily life.

Early Samurais by Anthony Brant

The Samurai by Anthony Brant

The Samurai by Shusaku Endo

Samurai by S.R. Turnbull  I like Turnbull's books.   Worth having.

Battles of the Samurai by S.R. Turnbull

Samurai Warfare by S.R. Turnbull

Samurai Warriors by S.R. Turnbull

Samurai Warrior Class of Japan by S.R. Turnbull