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2005 New Helm and armor
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In the SCA  I am known as Sir Sato Jiro no Bitchu.  I am a Knight, Huscarl and Fyrdman of the SCA Kingdom of Calontir. Most importantly I am a humble student trying to learn the Way of the Sword, and Bushido called the Way of the Warrior and a beginning student in QI (Chi)/Tai Chi.  I intend to post things on this page that have struck me as useful to myself as I try to follow and create my version of "The Way".



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Books of interest - Click this link for my page of books I found interesting for a warrior.

Quotes related to the way that I like - Click here

My armor over the ages - Click this link to see my armor from beginning to today

Shogi - A great Japanese game to teach strategy and offense and troop placement. Click the link to go to my shogi page.
Greatsword and war fighting for New fighters - Click this link for a pamphlet I wrote for new great sword fighters with some of my tricks and tips. This has been updated to include some spear and war practices. 
Monk walk - Check out my monk persona here

Interested in monk stuff?- check out this site. Lord Matsuyama Mokurai, a very knowledgeable friend- he helped spark my interest in Japanese monk personas 

My Knighting Pictures - Only a few pictures were given to me. If anyone else has any others please let me know.        

My Squires - Click here to see some photos of my squires.

 I created banners for all my squires for the 2008 Lillies War and war banner with all our devices on it.  


Otas - I have an alternate persona called Otas(sato backwards). This persona is a jester.  Click here to see photos of the jester and Go to the OTAS page!!  OTAS

2008 my squire Sigarth decided that the Lilies War night time gladiator tourney needed lions to attack the gladiators.  Sigarth and Thaddeus created lion costumes and cat paw maces to go over my armor and Sigarth's armor. We fought as the lions for the crowds amusement. was a big hit. 

The Order of St. Lazarus -    The Order of Lazarus is a special extension of Saito's household. It is made up of my lady, my squires, my friends and myself(Saito). All people who wanted to do something special for the William the Marshal event. We recreated a Jerusalem Military order from 12th century called the Order of St. Lazarus.  See pictures here. 


Riding wearing the Ronin hat at Gulf wars 2011


If your a fighter I recommend thanking the people who support you fighting.

Every year at most wars I try to have a large number of some form of gift I hand assembled to give to water bearers, soup kitchen staff and kids doing cool stuff. This year I had 3 different kinds of token. But they all looked similar to the one shown.

This is my small way of saying Thank you to the water bearers. Cause without them I would have died on the field of heat exhaustion since I am too stupid to think of bringing water or stopping to drink it. 



  My device below.

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