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ise  Saito and Ise's Equestrian Activities  otas

Ise and I are now adding to our long list of hobbies! We have been doing S.C.A. equestrian activities for many years now.  These activities include lancing, archery, spear throwing, axe throwing, and tests of sword skills all from horse back (or in our case from Mule back).   We are even now doing mounted combat, crest combat, foam and wood jousting.  We make almost all the things we use so if you looking for how to's tbis page has plenty. And feel free to contact us for more info on something you cant find here. If we dont make it we probably know someone who does or knows how.  

We are riding in Calontir. To find out more about the Calontir equestrian site and calendar click here



Ise and Katesato and


Ise and Saito crest combat


Otas and Buttons


Jousting Article by David Kaemmerer

Caparisons by Ise


Single Quintain pattern - Click here

2013 Equestrian projects

2012 Equestrian Arts and Sciences projects

Our Equestrian projects 

Foam joust

NEW- Hand guard pattern by Saito Jiro - Click Here


Barding patterns and instructions Courtesy of Isolde


Dave does a number of persona from horse back here are a few
mounted archery mounted comabt     otas     Marco Della Lupo

Saito the Japanese 13th century Samurai /  Otas the Fool /  Marco Della Lupo 16th Century Italian Jouster/  Order of Saint Lazurus Crusader



Pictures from Equestrian Events

Pictures from Valor Equestrian Tourney 2007

Chalice of Equis 2006 - We attended our first Equestrian event and authorized. I ended up winning the Chalice of Equis for the intermediate level riders!  We met lots of nice horse people and had lots of fun. To see the pictures click here

To read my story written for More and More Magazine about the event Click here


Pictures from the Mongols 2008 

Horse and Falcon Photos 2007

Photos from Friends of Horse and Falcon 2007

Movies from Horse and Falcon 2007



Includes pics from courts, battles, Emprise, royal procession and more. 

NEW!  Video of the Gulf Wars 2010 Calontir Emprise(kinda big download)


Eowyth's equestrian photo's

Rites of Spring: April 2009

Mongol Invasion: January 2008

Valor: September 2007


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