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Current Equestrian projects
Here is where I plan to put our current and completed projects.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them. 


Ise and made a bunch of new things for the Gulf wars emprise. New silk dye banners and lance pennons, helms crests, and breast collars, reins, and chamfrons for all 4 of our equine.  We also had new chairs, lance rack and some new weapons I need to get pictures of yet.   


Matching jester clothes and mule jester barding by Ise. Calontir breastcollar and Calontir Fyrd/Huscarl Chamfron by Sato. 

Ise riding kate with Calontir breastcollar and chamfron by Sato and falcon rear skirt by Ise 

Sato Ieysu on Penny with Calontir breastcollar and chamfron by Sato and falcon rear skirt by Ise 


Sethrin on Molly with Green Lazaraus and crosses  breastcollar and chamfron with Fyrd device by Sato and falcon rear skirt by Ise 

Horse camp by Sato and Ise. Chairs with carved and branded devices by Sato. Banners, pavilion and table covers by Ise. 

Ise Banner.  Ruthardus Crusader helm with Falcon crest by Sato. 

Sato and Otas the Fool Banners.  Ruthardus helm with Mule crest by Sato.

Assembled this magnet helm crest from using a wooden falcon I painted and hot branded. 

Magnet mule helm crest. Not much work in in this it was an old hood ornament  but darn funny. 

Helm crest painted to look like the Calontir Equestrian badge. 

Ise's pennon banner on the left. Sato's pennon on the right. 

This is a shield Sethrun made for the new Equestrian champion of Three Rivers. Not our project but figured I would share it since it so cool. And since Ise is the first to carry it as the Champion of Three Rivers. He did a great job making this. 

Close up on Order of Lazurus Chamfron on Molly made by Sato

Close up on Huscarl.Fyrd Chamfron on Buttons

For the William the Marshal event Ise completed 9 Lazurus tabards and 4 Lazarus horse bards.

Ise riding Kate in her Calontir barding and matching clothes

Japanese horse Sheet wall completed by Saito - This will be used as part of our Barriers for the double quintain.  8 in all. 


Click here to see them all. 


 2009 update -Ise completed a new jester hood for my Otas rig.  At the same time I completed a new chain to replace the one seen below. A new belt with brass diamonds and brass Calontir crosses on it. And matching new blue gloves.  


2008 - Ise riding Kate in her Falcon colors.  Ise did an awesome job making Kate's barding and the matching garb for herself. 

Well it took weeks of work and little sleep but we got most of our gear done for Horse and Falcon.

I rode as Otas the Jester and Buttons my mule was dressed in Jester barding. Kris rode in Calontir colors or purple gold and falcons with matching barding for her mule.. 


Dave and Buttons holding Ise's ring lance.

Ise did a great job making the motley costume for Otas and Buttons match. And fit correctly enough that buttons rode well in it. 

We made a rings lance for each of us in our colors. A throwing spear in each our colors. 1 quintain lance in jester colors and 1 ground spear in Ise's colors. Each of us had a sword and scabbard to hang from our saddles. Ise's scabbard was purple and had falcons all the way down it. And Otas's had multi color diamonds.   We also made the purple and gold weapons rack and a shield for the tourney tree with each of our devices. I made a new device to use as Otas's device. 

Weapons up close

Top pf weapons rack

Falcon and Lilies belt Sato made for Ise for her birthday to go


Lance Post and rings we made. 
Rings for the lance stand
Jesters knights belt and Jester knights chain 
Falcon tabard Ise made to match her mule barding

 with her outfit

New single break down quintain