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 My super talented and genius squire Thaddeus Mactyre of the Barony of Three Rivers Kingdom of Calontir designed, and created the Joust-O-Matic that I use.    


It is a head to head jousting target. First rider to strike their target the flag on top will fall to that riders side indicating a win. it is easy to reset and easy to transport and setup. 

After requests from riders across Calontir and the known world Thaddeus was kind enough to document the plans on how to build one so others can make one for themselves.

Here is a video of its operation showing the internals


Click here for Video

Here are the written instructions and notes 

JOM Instructions and materials list

Here are the JOM PDF plans.

Joust-O-matic PDF 1

Joust-O-matic PDF 2

Joust-O-matic PDF 3

Joust-O-matic PDF 4

Joust-O-matic PDF 5