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Everyone at some time or another plays the fools.  I just choose to do it often. 

Ise and I made me a outfit for a Pa event a few years ago.  It was a fighting jester outfit with puppets for weapons.  

We recently broke it back out and made some major improvements.  I like it alot. Who knows maybe I will start wearing it more often. 

Here are some photos of the first time Otas came out. I won an award at the PA event for this outfit. Ise sewed this outfit togather from small pieces of different colored fabric.  the weapons I made to look like puppets. And I made a special set of armor to fit under the clothes and to paint jester colors.
The following are new photos from 2004 Fools Event. Ise and I took first place in the arts and sciences competition by entering the Otas outfit.
Started off the project by stealing back Ise's helmet, pulling off the japanese stuff and painting it clown colors. in my defense this helmet was bought for Otas years ago and she started using it when she started fighting...ya ya I will paint it purple for her again.
Then I sewed a ton of new bells onto the helmet drape and shirt. Yes I did that part of the sewing, I used sinew and a leather needle.
Ise reattaches the hood to the helmet. One reason I had to use her helmet was the drape was designed to fit the helmet and wouldn't fit my helmet.
The new weapons I made using dolls and puppets.

From the left.

1-a flame tongue green dragon great sword.

2- A puppet mace

3- A rag doll puppet spear

Otas holding sword
Otas holding spear and mace.
The beautifully made scroll that was our prize for winning the arts and sciences contest.  This scroll was made by one the artisans of Shattered Crystal.
My trusty side kicks
Ise dressed as a fool priest
The 3 Rivers Players do a very funny skit about a Samurai in training, which until the fools event I had never seen.  I was drawn into the skit in the middle of skit to add humor to a already very funny act.