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2005 update - I am no longer playing EQ. I have turned off both my acccounts. You can read the below but it is now history.

Greetings- Everquest is a a online role-playing game- Super addictive and a awesome game.  But unless you want to sign away much of your time and life and anger friends and family stay away from this game....its that good. You have been warned here is a link if interested
In EQ my name is Lich Tallonn Aviv. I am a 65th Season Lich Necromancer, and  Dark Elf worshiper of Innoruuk. And I currently live on the world of Veeshan and belong to the guild Keepers of the Elements

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To see my Equipment (you can click on items to see what they do)---- click here

To see a picture of Tallonn on his horse named "Trampler" - click here

I also now play a a druid by the name of Collee. 65th level Druid also on the server Veeshan.

Here is a link to Collee's gear.-




A little story about Tallonn
So you come seeking knowledge of ME, Tallonn Aviv? And beg to be trained in my arts? You are a brave one I will give you that...but bravery does not mean wisdom! I am feeling generous today so I will tell you a little about myself and fulfill what might have been your LAST EVER request, then I decide if you will best serve me as a living slave or a undead one.

I am that thing in the darkness and shadows that you suspect is there, but which you cannot see and that your mind is afraid to admit is there! That thing that sends shivers down your spine and brings the taste of fear and bile to your throat when you finally know I am really there! I am the MASTER OF UNDEATH, CREATOR OF SHADOWS, and the spreader of HATRED and DISEASE! I am the shadow that whispers in your ear the praise, deceit, twisted truth, lies, and paths to power that you wish to hear but your heart will never want to pay the true price of.
I was born deep in the earth and have worshiped at the feet of the god of Hatred Innoruuk! I have made valley's run red like rivers with the blood of mine enemies of both good and evil! MY vengeance has left cities and generations of Men, Woman, and Children weeping at the mere thought of my return, and their hearts burning with a hatred of my past deeds! I have traveled the planes and faced the gods and mightiest of dragons! I have performed dark rites of ancient power and have even sacrificed friends and my own brother to gain magical power! For I follow the path of NECROMANCY! This path of power is the quickest and the strongest but the prices to your heart and soul are the most costly and painful!

I just like you, thought I could wield great powers of darkness and death when I was young and still keep my family and friends safe from my studies and new powers. I was once part of a great family and was called by that families last name AVIV!!! And together we shaped and conquered the world of Veeshaan, each a great power in our own fields. But as my power grew so did the costs on my soul. For nothing in Necromancy comes without a cost! And with each new payment, my soul, which was never much of a haven for light, grew darker and darker until there was little room for even my family in it. Even though I might still care for them in some locked away, small corner of my heart, the powers that I have made pacts with, allow me little acts of kindness. I have even aided, and shaped the lives of many young new powers in the world so that I might use and destroy them as my needs dictate.

Now I will follow my brother Khort from my home world of Veeshaan to this new world of Tunare. We give up all to follow our new companion the young Nostana, back to her home world. She is a vibrant girl full of life, and stories and songs of her homeworld. My brother and I have decided to help her return to her world and go with her when she does. But if half of what she has promised us about this world, and the hearts of her companions there is true, then the things we give up here will pale in comparison to the wealth of friends, and allies we will make in this new land.
Plus…… maybe just maybe………the dark pacts that give Innoruuk and others such a tight hold on my actions and soul could be loosened in this new world……………maybe.

For as my power has grown and the dark pacts I have made have sapped my choices and my will, my brother begins to grow tired of my excuses and lies and has even tried to convert me back to the brother he once knew!!! Though I might still like Khort, here in this world INNORUUK WILL NOT HAVE MY ROAD TO FURTHER POWER HALTED!! The darkness that consumes and enslaves my soul will not be denied! Khort’s brotherly plans often stand in Innoruuk’s way....and that I cannot have!!! If he continues with these actions may the GODS protect him for I FEAR WHAT I WILL BE FORCED TO DO TO HIM....but more than what I fear for HIM, I FEAR FOR WHAT MY DARKNESS WILL DO TO ME IF I DO NOT!

Tallonn stares down at you from atop the dais and his throne of bones and seems almost surprised to see you standing there. You quickly realize he was speaking to himself this whole time and had forgotten you were there.
Now Tallonn's eyes grow angry and his dark elf features darken further with the blush of embarrassment. And Tallonn says "Well you know more than you asked and more than you bargained for foolish one." "I think you should honor myself and my servants now by joining us for dinner". As fear begins to grip your mind at his words Tallonn makes a gesture with his hands and then he picks up his goblet of what looks like blood and takes a casual sip. You wonder what he meant by his invite for dinner until suddenly slow dark shapes shamble from the darkness into the dim light around you. And your heart shudders in terror as you see the dinner guests begin to close in all around you with their rotting maggot filled corpses and their stench of decay and disease fills your nostrils. But worse than these things you see that their eyes are all aflame with an eternal hunger. A unquenchable hunger that you somehow know is for the flesh of living beings like yourself. As their impossibly to many to fight arms surround you and their dirty broken finger nails grab you, and began to rip and tear your flesh from your still screaming body, and your brain is wracked with the hundreds of points of pain from teeth and nails. Your last thoughts are strangely of pity for Tallonn. For you know that at least your brush with necromancy's evil embrace and the suffering you had to pay for it was short compared to Tallonn's. And as your heartbeat beats its last beat you thank your gods Tallonn showed you mercy, and let you die a meal to his pets, rather than a undead slave for eternity.


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