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The pod is my latest project in stupid ways to spend money. 

I play my computer games now sitting in a new massage recliner with a custom made fake leather 2 keyboard tray in my lap.  The chair is in front of a 5 foot by 6 foot screen which the SXGA high res projector behind me hanging from the ceiling and it projects my picture onto the screen. So I am playing on a almost life sized screen.   Online Games like Everquest and Dessert combat are sweet at that size.  When a tank rolls by in surround sound and is life size on the screen its pretty cool.  AND YES........I KNOW I HAVE ISSUES....  ; )


Here are some photos.  Click to enlarge.

DSC00004.JPG (61960 bytes) Picture of the screen with Dessert combat.
DSC00005.JPG (62876 bytes) My chair and computer table with projector behind me.
DSC00006.JPG (63802 bytes) My custom made tray.  One keyboard for Tallonn, 1 for Collee, 2 mice and 1 speed controller for macrod commands.  Oh and the TV remotes.
DSC00007.JPG (60922 bytes) Closer up on projector.
DSC00008.JPG (63488 bytes) The pod chair.
DSC00010.JPG (64387 bytes) And the one most of you have been waiting for ...what EQ looks like on the screen.  Thats Tallonn in bazaar on the big screen and Collee on the monitor in right hand corner.  3rd monitor is for teamspeak and looking up quests.  Just got the projector setup to do picture in picture so I could run Collee on the big screen in a smaller window or switch Collee to full screen on the big screen when needed.