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The Pas d’Armes hanging was created for the SCA event in the Barony of Three Rivers by that name. The Pas d’Armes hanging has the tents of the Calontir baronys with their eschuteons and underneath the flaps are lists the Knights, Huscarls and Fyrd. (taken from the doomsday report-only one missing was Vatavia.)

The castle is Calontir, the eschuteons on the castle were those of the Calontir knights expected to attend, given from top to bottom left to right in order of precidence). A gallery of ladies has the heraldry of the Meridian queen and princess and the Barony. The Tennants were starting from the left: the king of Calontir(Cathyn Bluesword), the Meridian king and prince (Allinon sp?), an out of kingdom count/duke (I can’t remember the name), two more out of kingdom knights, a placeholder knight followed by the Barony’s knights Erich, Ferd, Hyrim, and Donato. (I couldn’t slight the out of kingdom knights or truly put them on the OP of Calontir on the castle, so they were placed with/behind the visiting Peers but before B3R).

The Vennants were, starting from the right to the left, the huscarls of Barony followed by the fyrdman. Huscarls were Kirk, Mihangle, Valdemar, Sato. The fyrd were Olga, Darrien, Duncan the loud, Aubrey, Stanislas and Thadeus. The list was a little edited due to space. I tried to use current active fighters, which bumped some old huscarls and fyrdmen.