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farm14.gif (17435 bytes) Well our house is starting to look like a farm.

"Green Acres Junior" I jokingly call it.

I intend to post pictures here of the new additions soon.

We have gone from a few animals to alot very quickly.  The current count is as follows.

(click on image to enlarge picture)

lducks2.gif (10812 bytes)
BDAY.jpg (38588 bytes) 1 Black Great Dane- Miko


1 White Great Pyreness- Osa

DOGPAR.jpg (55429 bytes)


5 Koi Fish

See our Koi here

DUCKS.jpg (19996 bytes)

6 gold colored baby ducks

DUCKS2.jpg (19762 bytes)

CHICK.jpg (5763 bytes)

6 Black baby chicks

CHICK2.jpg (8675 bytes)

TURKEY.jpg (15028 bytes)

3 Baby turkeys



2 adult female Sheep, 1 Baby female Sheep,  1 Baby male Sheep

SHEEP.jpg (23251 bytes)


1 Barn Cat

FARM.jpg (112808 bytes) The animals are growing up.

These huge birds are the chicks from above.

TURK.jpg (70637 bytes)
Ok this just makes me laugh everytime I see it.  The chickens like to ride on and sit on the backs of the sheep.  And the sheep just ignore them.

shpchik.JPG (60809 bytes)

NEW !!!!!   BABY SHEEP IS BORN!!! March 8th 2004

We had both blessings and sadness this last couple of weeks.   We had one pregenant sheep who passed away which was rough, but we had this week one sheep had a healthy baby boy sheep. So our numbers of sheep are still at 4.  And maybe climbing we think the other girl will deliver soon also.

Here are photos of the new baby sheep click to enlarge them

FIELD.jpg (55786 bytes) Well the mommy sheep couldnt do anything the easy way. she didnt have her lamb in the warm nice barn we had prepared ....Noooo....she had to go to the farthest back corner of the pasture to hide and have her lamb.  Kris found her by letting Osa out into the pasture and let her lead her to the hiding pair.  

Left ---mommy with lamb in grass...

Right ----Lamb in grass up close.

FIELD2.jpg (77864 bytes)
LAMB.jpg (21217 bytes) Left- Lamb meets the rest of sheep before going to barn and isolation with mother for saftey. LAMB2.jpg (28944 bytes)
JUGG.jpg (47909 bytes)

Left- This is a JUGG(spelling may be wrong). It is used to keep mother sheep and baby sheep away from the other sheep and safe till baby sheep big enough to not get crushed.  Also helps bond mother to her lamb. I call it "THE BOX"  Insert your best cool hand luke voice "If you lamb... you get a night in the box" 


Right- Kris holding the baby sheep

LAMBKRIS.jpg (28381 bytes)
TIMEAT.jpg (43713 bytes)

Left- Time to eat!!!!

Right-  Not lamb related but...The duck has taken to the pond. You can see one of her eggs she laid at bottom of photo...since we have no male ducks anymore(they ran off) and only male chickens I dont expect new ducks.  Duck + Chicken = Chucks?  : )

Yes  I know the duck cant stay in the Koi pond and its bad for the pond...just not sure what the solution is yet...and its the only refuge the poor girl has from the roosters right now.    ; )


DUCKPOND.jpg (66121 bytes)
UPDATE!!!  March 10th New baby Sheep is Born- We are now at 2 baby sheep.
NEWLAM2.jpg (46476 bytes)

Left---  New baby with Mom.  Had to build a new Jugg since this lamb came sooner than expected. New mother also had some problems with not wanting to give milk.  Hoping thats all resolved or we will have to go to bottle feeding.

Right-  Proud papa who is angry since he is now isolated from all of his herd while they in juggs.


DAD.jpg (25475 bytes)
We now own a tractor!!

Thanks to Jeff for giving us a deal on his and Thanks to Mal for coming out and helping me tune it up.

Mal taking the brushhog and tractor out for a spin after tuneup.
Rocky the squirrel!!! We nursed a baby squirrel back to health this year whose mother was killed.  He now lives somewhere in our backyard trees and at least for a while was coming right up to us to be fed.  Haven't seen him in a while so we are hoping/assuming he found other squirrel friends and is out living happy.
We had a bunch of the family over and let them meet the animals. Here are some photos of Austin and Andrew helping us herd the sheep to a new pasture.