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This tapestry was created for Thunder Wars I. A war between Calontir and Midrealm visually depicted by each kingdoms knights facing off over the river. This tapestry depicts the Barony of Three Rivers Calontir facing the Barony of Shattered Crystal across the border in Midrelam. Shattered Crystal is represented by Sir William of Bellewood. The chivalry on the Calontir side were Brumbar von Schwarzberg before the kingdom was made followed in descending order Knights as they were made that resided in the Barony, Cormac O’Sullivan, Asgeirr Gunnarsson, Chepe l’Orageux, Nathan Adelaar and Fernando de Falcon.

Under the Barony’s arms are the Barons and Baronesses, the founding Baronage being Steven Ironhand and Arwen, followed by Steven alone, then Cormac O’Sullivan, then Fernando and Lyriel. Shattered Crystal’s founding Baronage Leonardo and Rabia, the vicar and vicaress Zardrick Godgodson AKA Bubba and Mistress Alphia bar-Phars and followed by Sir William of Bellewood and Rabia.

Besides the Barony Three River’s castle, there is the college of Bear’s Haven as an ‘ivory’tower and the Canton of Riverhold as a wooden stockade, on the Shattered Crystal side there are two closed forts-one is the Scottish Outpost and the other the household of David Nightblade-T.R.A.M.P.S. (Three Rivers Artisans/association of Metal Practitioners). Both are Calontir and Three River’s households are located on the Midrealm side of the river.